Massage Room

After spending time in saunas, the muscles relax and become softer, which is an ideal time for a massage.

All you need to do is to choose a massage and indulge in pleasure.

We offer the following:

  • The full-body massage
  • “Mountain peace” massage
  • Sports massage
  • Medical massage
  • Holistic massage
  • Aroma massage
  • Herbal Spa massage
  • Partial massage

The full-body massage

If you want to improve your blood circulation, our advice is to have a classic massage! This type of massage causes relaxation, pleasure and has a soothing effect. It is excellent for muscle relaxation and regaining energy after an injury. During the massage, the body temperature increases up to 2 or 3 degrees, causing the circulation of surface and subcutaneous tissues and muscles. Duration of this massage is 45 minutes.

"Mountain peace" massage

Your muscles are tensed and you want to relax – the mountain peace massage is ideal for you! This relax massage is gentle, suggested for relaxation and stress relief. The scents of essential oils, relaxing music and subtle light will lead you into the mountain oasis of tranquillity and peacefulness. Duration of this pleasurable massage is 50 minutes.

Sports massage

Are you a sportsperson? Do you want to speed up your muscle recovery after significant physical effort? The intensity and pressure used by this technique are adjusted to your needs and the massage time is 45 minutes. Sports massage is good for removing the harmful substances from the organism and relaxing the muscles, which contributes to faster recovery after sport injury.

Medical massage

Do you have pains in your muscles? Medical massage is your solution. Medical massage is mostly intended for solving various physical complications, the neck and back pains, arm tingling, spine problems, strained muscles and nerves, headaches, migraines, sprains, post operating and injury conditions as well as fully natural treatments of sciatica. Duration of this massage is 45 minutes.

Holistic massage

If you want to experience the state of deep relaxation, choose “honeyed pine”? The holistic way of treatment deals with the causes of illness, prevents their emergence and removes them. This way of treatment developed into the holistic massage, which treats the body as a whole, makes harmony on the mental, emotional and physical level. This is a gentle massage combined with several various techniques, which causes deep relaxation, spiritual and mental as well as bodily well-being. Duration of the holistic massage is 60 minutes.

Aroma massage

Do you love essential oils? Do you want to feel the glow and freshness on your skin? Aroma massage would be the right choice for you. The base of aroma massage treatments is in essential oils. During the massage, oils penetrate deep into the tissues giving it a relaxing feeling of freshness and removing fatigue, stress and tensions. Essential oils harmonize, stimulate and soothe the organism positively affecting all organs. Also, it moisturizes and hydrates the skin making it better, firmer and more elastic. Duration of the Aroma massage is 50 minutes.

Herbal Spa massage

If you want to feel hot mountain herbs on your skin, indulge with the Herbal spa massage! Specially selected herbs, picked by hand on the slopes of our Borja mountain, heated in essential oils for the unique experience of Herbal massage. Soft and gentle touches stimulate circulation, relief stress, and mountain herbs soothe and relax the skin and whole organism. Duration of this massage is 60 minutes with additional 40 minutes of rest.

Partial massage

In addition to the full-body massages, we offer partial massages as well. These massages treat only a certain part of the body. Partial massage is suitable for relieving tension in certain parts of the body in the shortest period of time.

Duration of these massages is up to 30 minutes, and we offer the following:

  • Scalp, face and neck massage – 25 min
  • Back massage – 20 min
  • Hands/Arms massage – 15 mi.
  • Legs massage – 20 min
  • Feet and palms reflexology massage – 15 min
  • Anti-stress massage of the back and head – 30 min
  • Medical partial massage of the back/legs – 20/15 min
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