In the past, Borja mountain was the home of hajduci who fought Turkish merchants on the road thus protecting the poor. The most famous hajduk in this region was the hajduk Kosta which has, over the centuries, been followed by the story of how he forced the Turks to transfer tufa from the region of Vrbanjci to repair the Liplje monastery.

Hajduci stayed in the forest during the summer, while they spent their winters with their jataci (concealer, civil hajduk supporter). Jataci provided them a shelter for the winter, and in return they had the protection of hajduci.

“Djurdjevdan hajdučki sastanak, Mitrovdan hajdučki rastanak. “

Hajduci were organized in groups headed by harambaša (leader, chieftain) who was elected because of the exceptional physical abilities, experience and cleverness.