Fango - detoxification treatment – treatment for the body detoxification

Do you have problems with water retention in your limbs or in the whole body? Do you want to preserve your health and glowing looks? We recommend you FANGO– detoxification treatment. During Fango detoxification treatment, we use Afrodita Cosmetics Drainage Mask. This special body mask stimulates detoxification, it has intensive cleansing effects through the lymph, it stimulates microcirculation and the process of firming the skin. It is also rich in natural ingredients, where we would single out the green clay, one of the oldest and the most powerful source of regeneration. In order for the Drainage mask to have a quicker and more efficient effect, we first wrap up the client`s body into fango and then into the golden foil. The foils cause more bodily heating, therefore accelerating the mask effects.

After taking the mask off, the next step is hot water shower in order to wash the mask remains. We finish the treatment with the massage, which additionally stimulates the lymph and initiates the elimination of water from the organism.

This treatment is efficient and it is recommended for people with water retention problem in the limbs and in the whole organism. We would also recommend occasional organism detoxification to all who want to preserve their health and pretty looks by using this treatment.

Recommended treatment duration is 60 minutes (if the treatment is being applied to the lower limbs – legs) or 90 minutes for the whole body.

Energy boosting

Are you frequently tired? Do you lack energy? Have you noticed that your skin lacks freshness and glow?

It is time for energy boosting, the treatment which will return the energy and glow to your skin and body.

We start the treatment by applying the energy peeling containing mineral salts and essential oils to exfoliate dead cells from the skin. In this way, the surface skin layer gets softer and the blood circulation is improved. Then, the hot water shower is used to wash off the peeling remains after which we use the energy balm for massage.

After the treatment, the fatigue will vanish, the balm massage will recover your energy, your skin will be softer and blood circulation improved. The feeling of peace and pleasure will prevail in your body.

Recommended duration for this treatment is 60 minutes. This treatment is the full-body treatment.

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