The physical therapy has a significant role in curing and treating people who have severe and minor injuries, as a result of physical trauma. Physical therapy treatment is recommended in the period of postoperative recovery, after longer inactivity, after stroke recovery conditions, motor skills disorder in children. The physical therapy also has a significant role for prevention purposes.

Within the Physical Therapy, we do the following:

  • Sonotherapy is the therapy by ultrasound with the frequency range of 0.75 – 3 MHz. This therapy is very successful in treating muscle tendons and ligaments as well as in treating keloids and scars. It is also very successful in treating pains in the lumbar and neck part of the spine, pains and injuries of joints, Dupuytren`s contracture and neuralgia.
  • Magnetotherapy. It is a treatment where the low-frequency electromagnetic field is applied in treatment. Electromagnetic field affects the physical features, chemical and biological processes in the cell resulting in many therapeutic effects to the whole organism. Magnetotherapy acts anti–inflammatory, reducing the feeling of pain and swelling, it also boosts metabolism, blood circulation and lymph, tissues oxygenation, and it tones the spastic muscles, stimulates tissues regeneration, renews bone tissues and makes the whole organism stronger.
  • Electrotherapy - applying of the electric energy in healing treatments. Applying this therapy leads to spreading blood vessels and improves blood circulation; as a result, it reduces inflammatory processes, swelling and stops the pain creating factors. Within electrotherapy, we use various types of energy:
    • Diadynamic (DDE) with 50 – 100 Hz which is low frequency energy. The therapeutic effects of this energy are reducing the pain, swelling and inflammation, increasing muscle contraction, local circulation and quicker wound healing.
    • Interference (IFE) with 1 – 100 Hz. The advantage of these energies is the therapeutic effect in deep tissues.
    • Electrostimulation, modulated galvanic energy, also belongs to low frequency energy.
    • TENS (Trancutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) uses low frequency impulse energy with the frequency of 50 – 400 Hz of various shapes and impulse duration. It is used in treating acute and chronic pains, rheumatic diseases, and traumas, gynecological and oncological diseases.
    • Iontophoresis is intake the medicine under the skin by galvanic energy.

Odlazak na fizikalnu terapiju se preporučuje:

  • u periodu postoperativnog oporavka
  • nakon dužeg mirovanja
  • kod stanja koja nastaju kao posledica moždanog udara
  • kod poremećaja motornog razvoja djece
Physical Therapy