The Borje mountain is located in the north-western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina between Velika and Mala Usora. The mountain mainly consists of magmatic rocks (ultramafic and gabbro-peridotite rocks) and it was named after the pine forest stretching across the open spaces. Since the ancient times, this very area has been known as an air spa. The highest peak of the Borje mountain is Velika Runjevica, at an altitude of 1077m and its slopes are abundant with coniferous and deciduous forests.


The Borje mountain is an ideal place for the lovers of plants and forest fruit, who would certainly enjoy these landscapes. In the spring, after the snow, you will be welcome by tulips that can be found from Solila all the way to Runjavica. Tulips are followed by woodland strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries.

The Borja Mountain - Hajdučke vode
The Borja Mountain - Hajdučke vode


In the autumn, it is possible to pick the boletes, also known as the “king bolete”. The boletes of exceptional quality can be found here, which are of an exquisite taste and are considered to be one of the rarest and highest quality types of fungi. When it comes to medicinal herbs, mountain germander and common yarrow. The Borje mountain is abundant in mountain germander and its great medicinal quality is best described by the saying: “Mountain germander will heal any illness for real”.

Mountain germander

The legend says that the greatest Greek hero, the invincible Achilles, healed his wounds using common yarrow. The Achilles recipe was also known to our own outlaws in the old times, who used a finely ground powder from common yarrow to always carry it with them in small silky bags. Science has confirmed that the heroes are right, as the common yarrow was one of the most frequently used medicinal herbs by our people.

Hajdučke vode