At our hotel, sport and recreation are on offer throughout the year, since we offer different benefits and activities to our visitors during the summer and winter season. For sport and recreation lovers, we offer sport activities on built courts as well as on natural courts:

  • Designated trails for walking, running and bicycle riding
  • Courts for basketball and handball
  • Football pitch and tennis courts
  • Trim cabinets and workout rooms
  • Ski trail

Whether you are into sports or having a rest in the outdoor area surrounded by pine trees, you will surely enjoy the allure of the Borje mountain.


Those who love skiing say that this sport is the greatest passion and that, when you step on skis for the first time, you get this incredible thrill and you wish the winter to last for the whole year. What is the thrill about? What draws us to this sport and what are its advantages? You will find the answers to these questions precisely at the Borje mountain!

Enjoy skiing this season as well!! You can book you ski ticket by calling + 387 53 441 001..

Sport and Activities


Regardless whether you can use the tennis racket well or whether you have decided to play tennis for the first time, precisely during your holiday, Hajdučke Vode is the real place for it. Have fun and test your powers in the company of your family and friends!

Our tennis courts are open every day. Book your time by making an advance call at + 387 53 441 001.

Mountain biking

Spend your holiday in an interesting way – opt for mountain biking. No matter whether you do mountain biking in order to achieve some sports results or for pure joy, the Borja mountain is a perfect place for you! At the Hajdučke Vode hotel you can rent a bicycle and biking equipment each day.

Mountain biking


If you are one of those who consider football one of the most important of all the unimportant things in the world, you should like to know that in the shade of a pine forest, close to the hotel, we also have a football pitch. Get your team organised to play some football and, whether you win or lose, the most important thing will be to have a good time and show a real sporting spirit, which I am sure you are not lacking. So, get your team together, your supports and test your powers out on the pitch!

Trim trails

Trim trails, like the equipment for fitness in the open, encourage people to move, do sports in nature and increase the activities that are good not just for physical, but also for mental health.

Trim trails.