Intact nature

In the heart of a pine forest which also makes it an air spa, unique in the area

Sports and recreational offer

Sports and recreational offer in our hotel lasts all year since we offer visitors a variety of amenities and facilities during summer and winter season.

For sports and recreation fans we offer sports on tended and natural courts:

Trails for walking, running and cycling
Volleyball, basketball and handball courts
Football pitch and tennis court
Weight-lifting and fitness room
Ski slopes

Whether you play sports or rest in the garden surrounded by pine trees, you will truly enjoy the magic Borja mountain.


Success is created when readiness and opportunity meet.

Skijanje na Borju


Those who love skiing say this sport is the greatest passion and that, first time you step on skis, dread you get an amazing feeling and you wish that winter lasts all year. What is so charming about it? What drives us to this sport and what are its advantages? You will find the answers to these questions on Borja!
Enjoy skiing again this season. Your ski pass can be reserved by calling 053 441 001.


No matter whether you already handle tennis racket pretty good or you decided to play tennis for the first time while on your vacation, Hotel Hajdučke vode is the place for you. Have fun and cross your swords in the company of family and friends.
Our tennis courts are closed every day. Book your appointment in advance by calling 053 / 441 -001.

Borje - Teniski tereni
Borje - Odbojka na pijesku

Beach Volleyball

The ingenious thing about beach volleyball is that it does not need require any preparation or special equipment, except of course, the ball. If your competitive spirit will not let you go during the vacation or you just want to have fun with a dynamic activity, suggest your friends this fun sport at our tended court. Take a break and show your skills in beach volleyball!


If you are of those who classify football as the most important minor thing in the world, you fill be interested to find a football pitch in the shade of the pine forest, next to the hotel. Find a team, play football, and whether you win or lose, the most important thing is to have fun and show a true sports spirit you certainly do not lack. So call the team, the fans and cross your swords on the pitch!

Borje - Fudbalski teren
Borje - Biciklizam

Mountain biking

Spend your holidays in the most interesting way – choose mountain biking. Whether you go mountain biking to achieve sports results or for pure enjoyment, Borja mountain is the perfect place for you! In hotel Hajdučke vode you can rent bikes and equipment every day.

Trim trails

Trim trails, as well as fitness in open spaces, encourage people to move, play sports in nature and increase activity that is good not only for the physical, but also for mental well-being.  

Borje - Trim staze