Mountain Borja is located in the northwestern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina between Velika and Mala Usora. The mountain is mostly made of igneous rocks (ultramafic and gabbro-peridotite), and is named after the pine forest that extends to the vast area, which make the area to be long known as a health resort. The highest peak of Borja is the Velika Runjevica located at 1077 m, and its slopes are rich in coniferous-deciduous forest. Borja mountain is an ideal place for those who love plants and wild berries, and they will surely enjoy these areas. After the snow, in the spring, you will be welcomed tulips which can be found from Solila all the way to the Mala Runjavica.

Tulips are followed by wild strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. In the autumn, you can gather porcini mushrooms, also known as “kings of the mushrooms”. One can find very good quality specimens of this plant of exceptional taste, which is considered to be one of the highest quality mushrooms. When it comes to medicinal plants, we recommend grass Iva which is abundant on the Borja mountain, and the healing properties of this plant are best illustrated by a popular saying: :“Trava iva od bolna pravi živa“, which roughly translates to: “Iva grass brings you back to life”.