Hajdučka trava

Legend has it that the greatest Greek hero, invincible Achilles, healed his wounds with yarrow flowers. In his honor, the plant was given the Latin name. Achilles’s recipe was known to our hajduci who always carried finely ground powder from yarrow flowers in silk bags. Science has confirmed that the heroes were right.

Yarrow is one of the most commonly used medicinal plants among our people. Thanks to the content of antiseptic essential oils and tannins, this plant is a good herbal remedy for wounds, cuts, burns, and inflammation of the skin. Balm or oil made from yarrow is very effective in the treatment of hemorrhoids, especially those that bleed. Tea made from yarrow is an excellent mean for strengthening the body, stimulating appetite and regulating the digestive tract. It is recommended to people suffering from gastritis. Thanks to the high content of tannins, yarrow is a good medicine to stop diarrhea. Mixed with lemon balm and fennel, yarrow eliminates gases, bloating stomach and indigestion.

Combined with immortelle and gentle mint Yarrow has a beneficial effect on the liver. Mixed with equal amounts of horsetail and hawthorn, yarrow is recommended for people who suffer from high blood pressure. Mixed with rosemary and calendula, the yarrow encourages circulation and helps people who have varicose veins. Taken with the nettle root, yarrow is recommended against inflammation of the bladder. Thanks to the sterols it contains, yarrow is strongly recommended for women who suffer from painful and irregular periods. For this purpose, yarrow is best to drink mixed with an equal amount of lady’s mantel. A mixture of equal parts of yarrow and shepherd ‘s purse is recommended for heavy periods.

Yarrow should always be kept in the house during the flu and cold season because when mixed with elder and sweet root it effectively lowers the temperature and strengthens the immune system. In combination with plantain and sage, yarrow is recommended for people who are bothered by allergies. Yarrow plant is safe for use.

However, it is not recommended for pregnant women, and men should not drink it longer than one month in a row.